A Short Expose on the 3 Things you need to know before you Advertise Online.

 The common Challenge Most Business Start-ups face today is knowing where to Advertise and How much they need to spend on Advertisement to achieve their desired Results.

 You may have heard other Entrepreneurs say they got their sales from Advertising Online through a Social Media Platform or Google Search or even Youtube Advertisement. When starting up a business today, you must have plans for Advertising Online because, It will showcase your business to a world of prospective customers. This article was written to educate you on the basic things you need to know before you Advertise Online so, you don't waste your money.

 The world today is a Global Village, We are all connected through the Internet and smart phones have made it possible for people to be online every single second of the day. We all know that fame translates to Sales, Most people would buy anything endorsed by their favorite Celebrity or Public Figure even though there are better options in the market. The more people know your products or Services, the greater the chances of you getting customers. Advertising Online gives your product fame and thus, helps you get more customers.

 At this time you should know that Advertising your Business Online creates awareness and improves sales but, that's if it's done the right way. In order for you to achieve your goals through Digital Advertisement, there are 3 basic things that you need to know.

1. The Demographics of your target Customers

The word "DEMOGRAPHICS" simply means a statistical data relating to the Population and the characteristics of the particular groups within it. The statistical data may include Characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income level,marital status and often location.

Basic Demographics Distribution

A Basic Demographic Distribution

For Instance; Before Advertising Online, A food Vendor that sells sweet baked food may need to know the following Demographics or statistical Data:-

Knowing the Demographics of your Customers helps you to answer the questions of; When to Advertise? How to Advertise? and What to Advertise?

Generally, having an in-depth knowledge of the demographics of your consumers is one of the most important factor that determines if your Online Advertisement would be successful and how successful it would be also depends on it. Knowing the Demographics of your Customers helps you to answer the questions of; When to Advertise? How to Advertise? and What to Advertise?

2. Your Business Model

Basically, your Business Model is the global plan that defines what products and/ or services that your company is going to offer plus, how those services would be offered and the type of consumers you are targeting and also, how your product would be sold including how you plan to obtain profit or income from your business. Generally, your business Model includes many factors such as defining the features of the Products taht you want to sell, How you plan to reach customers, the type of Advert and Promotion that you plan to use plus, the target audience for the product and so on.

In Short, Your Business Model is a plan for the successful operation of a Business, it Identifies the Revenue Sources, Target Consumer base, Products and your financial plan. An Indepth understanding of your Business Model helps you to Budget properly and therefore, advertise effective based on your intended Advertisement Budget.

Every Company or Business Firm has it's own Features and therefore, it's own unique Business Model. Your Business Model would depend on Certain Factors that defines your business. Listed below are some Business Model Examples

Business Model Examples

On the Basic Level, Your Business is either a B-2-B or a B-2-C. B-2-B meaning Business to Business and more like you provide a product or service for companies. B-2-C means Business to Consumers, meaning that you provide a Product or Service to the End users or consumers. However, You can Learn more about Business Models at EHORUS

3. Advertisement Goal

The Success of an Advertisement is measured by the Conversion Rate. Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal (a conversion) out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design: It means people want what you're offering, and they're easily able to get it!

Lastly, before you contact any Digital Marketing Agency to assist you in creating and running your adverts on any platform, you need to know what you expect to get from the advert, your desired result. For instance, you may be advertising your website to get more Visitors or create awareness about your business, or you may be looking to get more customers, or you may be looking to get more retailers to help you sell your product or whatever it is you need to know it first before, you contract any digital marketer.

Your Online Advertisement would not give your desired results if, it is not targeted properly and also, if it's not done by the right Digital Marketing Agency.

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Soseipiriala Sunday Abere
He is an Experienced Web Developer & Digital Marketer that has numerous I.T skill set, one of which is content writing. You may view his Professional Profile on LinkedIn @Soseipiriala or follow him on Instagram @sosodecx001.

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