Top Reasons Why you need a Website for your Business

 Many Entrepreneurs I have met via Social Media and worked with often ask me this particular question below:-

Why do I need a website for my Business since, am already selling my product/service through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tik-tok?

24/7 Access

My Simplest and most comprehensive answer has always been, 24/7 access. This is because, the fact that you sell on Social Media means you only sell to people who are using those Social Media Platforms. However, a vast majority of people in the World today have access to Internet although, many people do not use Social Media. In order to view any Social Media you must first have Internet Access right?

Having a Website means that anyone with access to the internet can also view your website, without any form of Registration and Authentication or Login, just as we all watch Videos on Youtube anytime. So, If you have a website you can sell to anyone irrespective of whether they have a Social Media Account or not.

Conversely, there are over 4 Billion People who have access to the Internet on a daily basis whereas, Facebook or Instagram only has at most 1 Billion of the Total Population on Internet Users.

Having a Website makes your Products/Services available to everyone who has internet access and knows your website address.


A Short Expose on the benefits of having a Website for your business.

We all know someone who shops online but, does not have a Facebook account and Moreover, Instagram recently kicked out alot of people from their platform due to their Policies and Updates. Some of those people that were kicked out are your prospective customers too.

Some people may not be active on Social media but, they are actively searching the internet for one product or service you may offer so, you not having a website for your business limits your reach as, not everyone on the internet is on social media.

Having a website does not necessary mean that you will be having more sales just as; knowing how to write ABC does not mean you can write a letter but, having a website is a step in the right direction.

Nowadays, your website must be listed on Google Search and Google Map for credibility and also, for more of your target audience to see your Business.

Get your Website Listed on Search Engines

There are certains things you need to do to your website to ensure that it gets listed on the first page of any search engine, when people search for keywords related to your Business like; Search Engine Optimization, Usability Features, Website Security and Mobile Friendliness but, all that can be done by your Web Designer.

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Soseipiriala Sunday Abere
He is an Experienced Web Developer & Digital Marketer that has numerous I.T skill set, one of which is content writing. You may view his Professional Profile on LinkedIn @Soseipiriala or follow him on Instagram @sosodecx001.