Top 100 Action Movies (From 51 - 75)

Blood Relative
51. Blood Relative
Fist of Fury
52. Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury 2
53. Fist of Fury 2
54. Larceny
The Last Of The Finest
55. The Last Of The Finest
Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
56. Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
Tough and Deadly
57. Tough and Deadly
Tiger Claws
58. Tiger Claws
Rich Assasins
59. Rich Assasins
China Strike Force
60. China Strike Force
Great Hero From China
61. Great Hero From China
Distress Code 1201
62. Distress Code 1201
Hitman in the Hand of Buddha
63. Hitman in the Hand of Buddha
Thundering Mantis
64. Thundering Mantis
Snake in the Eagles Shadow
65. Snake in the Eagles Shadow
Hard Boiled
66. Hard Boiled
Dynamite Trio
67. Dynamite Trio
The Last of the Finest
68. The Last of the Finest
Martial Arts Classic
69. Martial Arts Classic
Deady Kicks In Snakes Shadow
70. Deady Kicks In Snakes Shadow
Master Of Death
71. Master Of Death
5 Pattern Dragon Claws
72. 5 Pattern Dragon Claws
Dragon From Shaolin
73. Dragon From Shaolin
Mystery Of Chess Boxing
74. Mystery Of Chess Boxing
The Terror of Hamadan
75. The Terror of Hamadan

This page shows Full Length Action movies encoded in English Language or with subtitles that illustrates True life Action Stories although, Some are simply about stories written for their Entertainment and Monetary Value, Most of the movies made available here depicts true life events.

Here are the Top 100(From 51 - 75) ACTION MOVIES freely available on Youtube, carefully selected for your entertainment. Stream and Watch New, Old and Award Winning English Action Movies in English Language.

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Featured Youtube Movies.

After a botched robbery, a local crime syndicate sends a rookie enforcer to take care of a loose end. When the hit goes sideways and his civilian girlfriend ends up missing, her brother, Rodd, a mild-mannered guidance counselor, conducts an exhaustive search through the city to find her. With the support of a martial artist instructor, Bruce, the pair consistently becomes overwhelmed by a violent outfit of criminals looking to silence them. However, Rodd has a mysterious and dangerous past of his own, and with the help of his friend, they formulate a plan to take on the organization in this nail-biting action thriller.

  • Published by: Wild Dogs.
  • Date: Jun 4, 2018.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 32 minutes.

A very interesting Kungfu Action Movie featuring Bruce Lee. You will surely love the story. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Cinecurry Hollywood.
  • Date: November 2, 2016.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 34 minutes.

A very interesting Kungfu Action Movie featuring Bruce Lee. You will surely love the story. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Menaliath.
  • Date: September 17, 2011.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 34 minutes.

A gorgeous lethal killer, brainwashed by the villain, makes a startling discovery in a mission to eliminate a person he can in no way imagine. You will surely laugh while Watching this interesting Bristish Action Comedy movie.

  • Published by: RG Generation.
  • Date: July 26, 2018.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 22 minutes.

Every member of the American public must watch, understand and appreciate this movie. The US Congress, administration, senators, media, intellectuals keep claiming that the people of the East and those under the Communists are slaves. But what about the American public? The American public has been fooled over so many years into believing that they are championing freedom, equality, justice and liberty. In reality, the American public lives a pampered dream, is provided with every comfort imaginable so that their sweat and blood keeps enriching every war monger who proclaims to be a patriot. The US military intervention and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries has destroyed these free nations and made their citizens subjects under despots. When these despotic regimes are no longer useful they are destroyed under the same garb of liberation, equality, fraternity and justice. And each time the American public cheers the downfall of these regimes. Fools these Americans are. At least the people in the East see and understand who the enslavers are. But the American public do not even bother to look beyond their curtain and their TV screens to find out about the rest of the world around them.

  • Published by: Grozdanoski G.
  • Date: September 11, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 46 minutes.

Kung fu genius (Cliff Lok) stars as the student of a famous kung fu master whose kung fu gym gets overrun by the Hunchback and his gang, Cliff runs off and seeks refuge with his uncle, who teaches Cliff the art of the Crippled Fist so he may take revenge of the Hunchback and the rest of his vile posse.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: May 1, 2017
  • Duration: 1 Hour 27 minutes.

A very interesting Hollywood Action Movie featuring Billy Blanks, Matthias Hues, Lorenzo Lamas, Don the Dragon Wilson and Loren Avedon. Watch,Enjoy and comment below.

  • Published by: Fornicator X.
  • Date: June 20, 2014.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 28 minutes.

The police do not know what to do. They have to deal with a serial killer who aims at martial arts masters. One after another is killed in the same brutal way. This may be a chance for detective Linda Masterson to work on her first murder case. She gets the job and to her side an other martial arts specialist, Sgt. Tarek Richards. Now they need to find a tiger style master, because the killer obviously uses tiger style kung fu. Not a simple task, since tiger is a very ancient and rare style.

  • Published by: Troublemaker Studio.
  • Date: July 18, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 29 minutes.

Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures, only this time things don't go exactly to plan.

  • Published by: Mr. D.
  • Date: July 14, 2018.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 27 minutes.

This is a very interesting Action Movie set in Asia featuring the best Asian Action Movie Stars ever. It is dubbed in English language with tons of Hip-Hop soundtrack. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Indo Overseas Films.
  • Date: February 27, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 18 minutes.

In Canton, the master of a kung fu school dies and his seemingly lazy and undeserving son, Fei-hong, inherits. In the British commercial sector, an opium den opens with the bribed approval of the city's weak mayor. A merciless Japanese swordsman is challenging and killing the best fighters from every kung fu school. Fei-hong, who has fallen in love with the foreign swordsman's sister, must rid the city of the opium den, face down the hired guns of the British, establish his moral and physical authority to run the school, and meet his lover's brother in a dual.

  • Published by: Dragon Eye.
  • Date: June 20, 2019.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 34 minutes.

This is an Action film that's based on real events - After Lt Mack Crawford returns from a traumatizing deployment. His wife disappears like so many women kidnapped to be sold by sex traffickers, despite fighting with ptsd. Mack now finds himself saddled with another victim Tiffany. He now rampages through a former prison battling the international gang of human smugglers to survive and rescue his wife.

  • Published by: Tino Von Struckmann.
  • Date: June 1, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 24 minutes.

Awesome Hang Jang Lee, a country bumpkin arrives to help his brother's rice business. When a rival company becomes corrupt, the bumpkin, an ace martial artist, fights and kicks off the rivals with the aid of some Buddhist guidance.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: March 27, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 13 minutes.

Ah Chi (Ka-Yan Leung) is obsessed with the martial arts, and more often than not, his kung-fu clowning gets him into trouble. Ending up facing Hsia (Eddie Ko) of the notorious Jade Brotherhood is inevitable. As a result, Hsia forces Chi's martial arts master to expel him. Master less and working for a fish vendor, Chi meets a crafty kid (Wong Yat Lung), who’s Uncle Chow Tung (Yuet Sang Chin) is a master of the insane Mantis style. The Jade Brotherhood aims for control of the small town, but Chi is training with a new Master and will not accept bullies in the neighborhood. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: May 2, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes.

This is one of the first popular chinese kungfu movie ever, it has english subtitles. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: flucky red.
  • Date: June 25, 2013.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 33 minutes.

Hard Boiled (Chinese: 辣手神探; pinyin: Làshǒu shéntàn) is a 1992 Hong Kong action film directed by John Woo. The film stars Chow Yun-fat as Inspector "Tequila" Yuen, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Tony, an undercover cop, and Anthony Wong as Johnny Wong, a leader of criminal triads. The film features Tequila, whose partner (Bowie Lam) is killed in a tea house gunfight with a small army of gangsters. One of the mob's high-ranking assassins is the undercover cop Tony, who must team up with Tequila for their common pursuit of taking down Wong's crime syndicate. The film leads up to a climax in a hospital, where the two must rescue innocent civilians and newborn babies from the maternity ward while fighting off dozens of mob hitmen. This movie is in Chinese but, there is a Big Bold English Language Subtitle at the bottom of the screen so, you can easily understand it. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Morgan Moonscar.
  • Date: May 3, 2012.
  • Duration: 2 Hours 09 minutes.

The most deadly fighter on earth, a man so dangerous in combat he only uses one hand, and he’s after the greatest book ever written. This book, a tutorial of the "Mantis Fist", must be protected by an unlikely band of heroes.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: July 3, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes.

This is a very interesting action movie set in USA in the 1980's. It features the best Hollywood stars during the time it was created. Unfortunately, some of the actors are not alive today so, watch and enjoy before this movie gets lost forever.

  • Published by: Soso Abere.
  • Date: March 2, 2019.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 46 minutes.

If you were a Fan of Martial Arts Movies in the 1990s, you might have seen this movie before but, this one is dubbed in crisp clear English Language. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: DigiPlex Action.
  • Date: March 7, 2020.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 17 minutes.

You will surely love this one, if you love classic Kungfu movies. Best part is that the movie was dubbed in English Language so, Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: September 28, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 19 minutes.

Shaw brother veterans, Chi Kuan Chun, Lo Lieh, and Chen Sing star in this rousing kung fu saga. After training for 18 years with a shaolin monk, Chow sets off to take revenge on the men that killed his family. A dangerous trail of traps ensues as Chow battles death of an assortment of danger, action and furious martial arts. Watch and Enjoy

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: April 29, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes.

This is an interesting Chinese Action Movie with lots of fighting,guns, explosives and violence. The Silver Fox battles untold men with his deadly Thunder Foot technique and rules supreme in the martial arts, until a young fighter develops the Lightning Mantis Strike. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: March 28, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 27 minutes.

If you love chinese classic KungFu Movies, you will surely love this one because, it is in English Language. Sa-haeng of Yuan opens a fighting contest. Go-chul beats everyone and wins the award. Having lost, Sa-haeng attacks Go-chul's home. The daughter, Eun-pyo, escapes. Years later, Eun-pyo seeks help from Sim and she succeeds in having her revenge.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: March 20, 2018.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 22 minutes.

Lee Yi Min stars as a young boy, Ah Pao, who wants to learn kung fu so that he can avenge his father's death at the hands of the Ghost Faced Killer (Mark Long). The Ghost Faced Killer, meanwhile is hunting down a number of clan leaders who all conspired to have him killed. Before attacking, the killer always throws down his "ghost face killing plate," a decorated metal plate with a red face. He then uses his distinctive five elements style. Ah Pao attends a local kung fu school (The Chang Sing School), but is bullied by the seniors. However, the school's cook (Yuen Siu Tien) helps the boy and teaches him some moves after challenging Ah Pao to steal one grain of rice from the Chef's bowl. He succeeds only in cheating and waiting for the Master to finish his meal. The chef then teaches Ah Pao some kung fu but admits that he will never be good enough. He tells him, "When the time comes to go, I'll tell you where to go all right." He proves to be adequate for his day-to-day living but cannot fulfill his deep desire for revenge. When Ah Pao is found in possession of the Ghost Faced Killers’ symbol, he is expelled from school. While he leaves in exile, his teacher is forced to shut the school down in fear of his students being killed. After the students leave, the teacher is killed by the Ghost Faced Killer. Still wishing to learn kung fu, he turns to an old Xiangqi (a.k.a. Chinese chess) master Chi Sue Tin (Jack Long), recommended by the cook, for training. The master is an old enemy of the Ghost Faced Killer who reveals his former identity: he was a former kung fu chief who held sway over the area with his fellow fighters, but he was forced to go into hiding after being badly injured in a fight, and also coming under scrutiny by the Ghost Faced Killer. Chi Sue agrees to teach Lee his chess boxing kung fu. Ah Pao finally learns the strategic link between chess and kung fu. He and Chi Sue Tin team up using double horse style, a reference to Xiangqi, and they defeat the Ghost Faced Killer.

  • Published by: Wu Tang Collection.
  • Date: April 28, 2017.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 27 minutes.

This is by far the best action movie ever made on a low budget, featuring a popular Gangste movies actor known as Danny Trejo.

  • Published by: dong yen.
  • Date: June 13, 2018.
  • Duration: 1 Hour 40 minutes.