1. The 2 Best Dancers in the World.

Watch as these twins dance to Hip-Hop beats, they are known as the Best 2 dancers in the World, there name is the Japon LES TWINS.

 Published by Iulian Scrob.

2. How to Freestyle Dance.

Once again, Mihran Kirakosian teaches how to do the simplest Hip hop Dance Moves Tutorial on how to Freestyle dance in 6 - 8 steps.

 Published by Mihran Kirakosian.

3. The Most Amazing New York Street Dance Battle

This is a 5 minutes Street Dance performance of the best Dance Group in the world. This dance group performs so well that you will think they are robots. You will surely drop your jaw in aww at some of their dance steps. You may learn some dance steps from this short video so, watch and enjoy.

 Published by YAKfilms.

4. How to Air Walk.

Learn how to Air Walk from a Professional Dance Tutor, Mihran Kirakosian. You can also subscribe to his channel on Youtube to see more of his videos.

 Published by Mihran Kirakosian.

5. How to shuffle / Cutting Shape.

This is a short video that teaches you how to shuffle or cutting shape properly.

 Published by ELEMENTS.

6. The 3 Simple Footwork Everyone Should Know.

This is a short viral video about the 3 Simple Footwork you should know and use for clubbing. Watch and learn.

 Published by EricK Bassan.

7. Higher - Dubstep.

Watch and learn how to dance to the song titled "Higher" from the Pro.

 Published by MARQUESE SCOTT.

8. Top 3 Dubstep Dance Performance.

This is a must watch, Video of All 3 dubstep performances that were performed in World of Dance Competition at Hawai in the year 2016. You would surely be amazed by the dance steps, the rhythm and their choreography.

 Published by La Oida.

9. 50 Simple Dance moves to use in a Dance Battle.

If you have being active on social media lately, you will notice that every week there are some regional dance battles that showcase people would excellent dance skills and talent. This is an approximately 22 minutes video that shows you 50 Dance moves you can use in a Dance Battle. Watch as they battle in this video and you might learn a thing or two about dancing.

 Published by Zavi.

10. Top 10 Best Choreographed Dance Music Videos.

A well choreographed music video is like a form of art. Not only are we focusing on the music but the choreographed dance piece shares the spotlight. In this countdown we take a look at some of the most amazing choreographed music videos of all time. This 11 minutes videos includes videos by Pink, Pussycat Dolls, Michael Jackson, Feist, Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Feist, Britney Spears, Sia and more. Watch and Enjoy

 Published by MsMojo.