A Riddle is a statement or question or phrase which has a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.
The Abbrevation I.Q denotes Intelligence Quotient, An intelligence quotient is a total score derived from several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence.

 Here are some Popular Riddles & I.Q Test Videos, mostly for kids and young Adults although, some Adults find it difficult to answer them correctly too.

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1. 15 Short and Funny I.Q and Riddles For Kids

These video contains 15 Riddles that can be used to test your I.Q based on your answer to the questions. You will get 20 seconds to answer each question although, if you need more time you can pause the video. Answer to each Riddle will show after 20 seconds so, you can find out if you got it right.

 Published by EG Mines.

2. The 9 Riddles for Kids that would trick your Adult Mind.

These 9 riddles sound so easy when you ask kids but, you might find the answers difficult.

 Published by EG Mines.

3. The 8 Too Slippery I.Q & Riddle Test For Kids.

The answer to these 8 Riddles are so tricky that you will think you know it but, you are wrong.

 Published by EG Mines.

4. Only 1% Of People in The World can answer this.

Here are some question that very few people in the world can answer. If you can answer them simply then, you have a very high I.Q and you are most likely a Genius

 Published by WOW Quiz.

5. The 14 Mystery Riddles & Logic Puzzles To Test Your Intelligence.

This video shows some moderate mystery riddles If you struggle, then you should start doing more brain workout (solving riddles, reading books, working on math puzzles). Tell us in the comment section below, the answer to the last logic riddle (the easiest one).

 Published by 7-Second Riddles.

6. The 23 Tricky Riddles That Will Challenge Your Brain To Its Limit.

These 23 easy riddles will challenge your brain to its absolute limit. A great mix of picture puzzles, mystery riddles and cool general knowledge questions. TEL IN THE COMMENTS the answer to the last trivia question.

 Published by 7-Second Riddles.

7. The 3 Hard Riddles on Escape Mystery Logic.

Riddle#1 (Trapped in a haunted house)
David was returning home from another city after a business meeting. It was late in the night and the route was very lonely. Suddenly, his car broke down and left David stranded on the road. David could hear some sound from around 50 meters inside the jungle. He decides to go there to get some help. When he goes into the jungle, he sees a haunted house which is well lit. As soon as he enters inside the house, the entrance door closes. David find himself trapped inside. The room has 3 days food and a bucket full of water. Suddenly, he hears an announcement that he has four doors in front of him and he must take any one of them, if he wants to leave the haunted house. However, Behind the 1st door there is a raging fire path of 10 meters with flames of about 10 feet high.

Behind the 2nd door, there is a bomb which will explode the moment door is opened.
Behind the 3rd door, there is a lion who hasn't eaten anything since last 3 days.
Behind the 4th door, there is a lake with deadly crocodiles in it.
Which door should David choose?
Answer: The solution is a little risky for David however that's the only way out, so please pay attention.

Riddle#2 (Magical pizza)
Peter lives near jungle at a very secluded place with his mom. One day he had a fight with his mom and he left home without eating anything. While he was walking in the woods he falls at the bottom of a 10 feet deep pit. The pit walls are too steep to climb. The ground is too hard to dig. Suddenly there is an announcement: "You have one day to get out of the pit. After one day the pit will be filled with mud and you will be buried their alive. You have to think of a way to get out of the pit. Since you are hungry whenever you will say the word "pizza" a pizza will magically appear. Peter thinks for a moment and devises a plan to get out of the pit. How will Peter escape?

Riddle#3(Trapped inside a building)
Mark wakes up to find himself trapped inside a room. The room has a mattress for Mark to sleep, some food, a bucket full of water, some food, and a water dispenser so that he doesn't die of thirst. Suddenly, he hears an announcement that he has four doors in front of him and he must take any one of them, if he wants to leave.
Behind the 1st door, there is dangerous witch. If anyone tries to enters inside, she will turn them into an animal.
Behind the 2nd door, there is a highly explosive bomb.
Behind the 3rd door, there are Mayan warriors who will kill anyone who enters inside.
Behind the 4th door, there is a fire-breathing dragon who burns anyone who enters inside.
Which door should Mark choose?

 Published by Riddles by Brain Alchemy.

8. Funny Riddles To Make Your Day.

Here's a video collection of riddles that would surely make your day because, the answers are so funny that you will surely laugh to it.

 Published by Vin Win.