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Blues music can be descibed simply as a type of Music that involves vocals, Bass line and cool instrumentation. it was pioneered by African Americans in the Deep South of the United States during the 19th century.

The use of blue notes can be traced back to the music of Africa, It was then composed, sung and performed by Africans. The origin of Blues is so closely related to the religious music of the Afro-American community, the spirituals. Notably, Blues Music started gaining recognition towards of the end of slavery and the development of juke joints, owing to the newly acquired freedom of the former slaves. The press only began to report about blues music at the dawn of the 20th century whereas, the first publication of blues sheet music was in 1908. Blues has since evolved from unaccompanied vocal music and oral traditions of slaves into a wide variety of styles and subgenres which include country blues, such as Delta blues and Piedmont blues, as well as urban blues styles such as Chicago blues and West Coast blues.

World War II marked the transition from acoustic to electric blues and the progressive opening of blues music to a wider audience, especially white listeners. In the 1960s and 1970s, a hybrid form called blues rock evolved.

This page feautures New and Classic Audio Songs that fall under the Blues genre of Music, including some slow Rock & popular Music.

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