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The word Gospel refers to the teaching or revelation of Jesus Christ, Gospel Music simply means Christian Music. The playlist below features Gospel Music, this includes Praise and Worship songs from all over the world.

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    We will like to express our gratitude to the Composers, Producers and Musicians whose songs are featured in the playlist above, May God reward you Bountifully.

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    There is a God, Read below, If you need a reason

    Practical Reasons to believe in God

    You were born into to this world by a woman, you formed inside your mothers womb, you came into this world totally nude, to see clothes, food, shelter.

    After you take your first breath till the day you die, you learn new things and change is permanent But, remember you met people in this world, who have more experience measured in time units like days, months and years right?

    People made houses, re-planted seeds, cooked food, learned skills, learned to trade and along the line, people recorded events that needs to be remembered and books were written right?

     Before this, people passed information Orally by Folklores and tales from generation to generations. Till this day, events written in one of those books have happened exactly as it is written and that book is the Bible. Some may say its a mere coincidence but, have they really read the book?

    Scientifically - If Humans came nude into this world, formed inside the once empty womb, learn skills, build houses, make clothes, cook food, reside in a planet for over 2000 years. Over the years, Man made laws and rules on how to reside in a location, some of those laws have existed for decades, made of their own prexisting factors.

      A man can make machines, provide a documented user manuals, make standard operation procedures, like how to start or stop the machine. Nowadays, some of those machines can in turn have their own form of intelligence to do things done by man like planning, timing and calculations.

    So please analyse logically and tell me, is it a concidence that there is a book that tells alot about man more like a Life Manual?

     Conversely, According to the calender we all use, the world is over 2000 years old yet, the contents of this book teaches you everything about the world as you know it, how it started and how it will be, even your purpose of existence is well documented in the BIBLE.

    Despite all the human development over the years so, if there is no God then, How then did man start?

    Technologically - If man made computers and man has being communicating with one another throughout history via various archeologically documented and scientifically proven means.

    Humans invented and commercialized the internet and since then, communicating is easily done via computing machines and not just giant machines but also, small and smart devices which in turn can communicate with each other, Just as we as humans can communicate by talking to one another.

    Read the last few lines and gain then, let that sink in...

      As Technologically advanced, Innovative and Intelligent as we humans are Now, can you still tell me that You were not created but, your existence came as a result of a random catalystic explosion which is the big bang theory for short?

    Before you start screaming about the big bang theory of collision of particles, Let me inform you that the technology for minute particle collission is now in existence but, Someone must initiate the start button in order to start the process so, another question is what, who or where was the Big Bang initiated?

    Archeologically - In the world today, to prove that something or someone important once existed, you must have atleast an archeological evidence.

     Since the beginning of time, We all wonder how that time was derived, since no one book states the actual date and no human present at the beginning exist today to verify the date. Moreover, one may wonder when Reading and writing was invented? How and by who? plus what are the evidence(s)?

    Historically, Archeologists' date objects found as a 2 or 3 digit number and the suffix A.D or B.C (which some say denotes After Death and Before Christ), till date their are so many versions of the history of the world but, one still holds that a supreme being started the process of creation and this is the God of Creation.

    Logically -Everything you see around you no matter how simple or complex, it was made by someone so, you too were made by something of higher intelligence and that is God. Many cultures and beliefs have documented the history of the world in various ways but, most still come to the same conclusion that something, someone, a diety, a supreme being started you and all around you..

    What more can you offer to the Glorious creator than to praise him so, you can do so with the Songs at the playlist above. He alone knows everything and can change everything, Click Play and let us Worship God in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit Amen.