D.I.Y means Do it Yourself.

9.  30 Back to School Hacks & D.I.Y.

School hacks are so exciting and creative! Remember your school days? Learn from this video and Try a couple of these study hacks, you surely enjoy it.

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10.  15 Yummy Food Hacks for Kids.

Check out these incredibly delicious Fast Food recipes that your kids love to eat.

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11. 20 Kitchen Hacks You Should Know.

Learn Simple and useful kitchen tips just for you. Watch How to peel off vegetables safely and quickly, check if eggs are boiled, open bottle lids with paper and many more hacks!.

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12. 20 Cool Hacks to Share with your Friends.

Here's the super cool compilation of life hacks just for you! Can you imagine baking a muffin right in the microwave oven? Well now you can! Everything from delicious quick-made recipes and clothes recycling to super fun beer and earphone tricks! Check it out.

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Watch the video and find an ultimate collection of bedroom lifehacks. You will find how to how to change linens quickly and easily like you’ve been doing it your entire life, what to do when it’s too hot in summer, how to make cute pillowcase and more! We share a brilliant lifehack on how to organize linen in your closet - Store your sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases. Fold your sheets then put the entire set inside one of its corresponding pillowcases. Cut your old t-shirts and make a creative blanket! Doing this you reduce the waste!

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14. 80 World Best Life Hacks For Women.

Watch and Learn Fast beauty, makeup ans clothing life hacks every woman should know. Most of the life hacks shown in this video would surprise you, You will save alot of money by applying these hacks at home.

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15. 11 Life Hacks which Simplify your Life.

Did you know that you can fix a cold match stick with candle wax?. I guess you didn't know that you could turn your smart phone into a mini-cinema anyway, Here are some some awesome life hacks that you can use them in your everyday life.

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16. 27 Simple Everyday Hacks to do Anything Faster.

After watching this video, You will feel like you have been spending more time on domestic chores than you are supposed to be. Time is money. So don't ever waste your time! Find out how to deal with common everyday routine much faster and effective.

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17. 100 Life Hacks To Make Life Easier.

Here is a collection of life hacks and D.I.Y for everyday use, most of these hacks can come in handy at home, office or school. You can learn things like how to fix a broken computer keyboard without spending a dime.

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18. CRAZY Life Hacks You won't Believe Are TRUE.

These are life Hacks everyone needs to know irrespective of age or gender. Life Hacks you won't believe are true cos they are so Simple. You can use them in your everyday life.

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