1. Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me

 Uploaded by Discipling1.

If you are a christian, you must have heard the hymn, "Rock of Ages" , you might have sang along in a fellowship or church gathering or you might have hummed to the lyrics. Now with this video you can learn the lyrics and sing along.

2. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

 Uploaded by TheIslandSing.

Oh how I love this Song titled Nothing but the "Blood of JESUS". Watch and learn the lyrics of the song.

3. On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand

 Uploaded by TheIslandSing.

I guess you have already been told that hymns are actually songs of worship, this version of the hymns was not made with the ancient tune but, exactly the same lyrics was used so, you can learn the lyrics of the him from this video.

4. To GOD be the glory.

 Uploaded by THENBA.

I remember humming "pon pon po no no ton ton ton ton"to this at my local Anglican Church (St. Peters) Port-Harcourt as a kid, I have always love the tune of this song, a decade back i learn the lyrics and today you too can learn the lyrics. You can start with the first line To God be the glory! Great things He hath done! and learn the rest from this video.

5. Trust and Obey

 Uploaded by drolas94.

I recall singing this song in Children's Sunday School Section, If you don't know the lyrics, it Start with When we walk with the lord, in the light of his word, Watch this video to learn the rest.

6. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior.

 Uploaded by drolas94.

Learn the lyrics and tune of the hymn titled "Pass Me not, O gentle Saviour".

7. Higher Grounds - Lord Lift Me Up

 Uploaded by SE Samonte.

The lyrics of this hymn is more of a prayer to God, Lord lift me up to higher Grounds, special to thanks to the Smucker Family for singing this song, May God bless you. Watch this video and learn the lyrics.

8. I Need Thee Every Hour

 Uploaded by lindsaygillespie.

This hymn has a very sweet melody, it's titled I Need thee Every Hour, I just learned the lyrics of this hymn and now, you too can when you watch this video.

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