Top 100 Talent Audition Videos

1. America's Got Talent 2019.
2. Darci Lynne All Performances Compilation.
3. TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future.
4. Top 10 Most Unforgettable Singing Auditions Ever
5. Top 20 Most AMAZING Auditions The Voice US UK
6. Top 10 Most Viewed America's got Talent Auditions
7. TOP 5 Special Emotional Performance America's Got Talent 2017
8. Youngest America's Got Talent Comedian
9. TOP 5 Comedians on Britain's Got Talent Funniest
10. Last audition of the day Makes Simon Cowell Cry
11. Top 10 BEST Auditions in Britain's Got Talent 2017
12. ALL Golden Buzzers on Britain's Got Talent 2017
13. The Most Unexpected Auditions EVER.
14. Top 7 Crazy Amazing SINGERS of America's Got Talent 2017
15. ALL Performances of Celine Tam in America's Got Talent 2017
16. The Best Blind Audition Ever in the History of the Voice Talent Show.
17. TOP 5 Can't Stop Laughing Comedians
18. ALL Performances of Tape Face on America's Got Talent 2016
19. TOP 5 Voice Emotional Auditions that could make you Cry
20. Rihanna's Songs on X-Factor, The Voice Talent

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There are so many talents in the world that are left undiscovered till now, thanks to the recent trend of Talent shows hosted Nationally, watch it and tell us yours in the comment box below. Moreover, There wasn't a dry eye in the America's Got Talent 2019 audience after Kodi Lee's rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel.

  • Talent Type(s): Music.
  • Uploaded by: America's Got Talent.
  • Date: August 13, 2019.

This video is a compilation of the performance by a young Ventriloquist named Darci Lynne in the America Got Talent Show Season 12. She is the Grand Winner of the said Season.

  • Talent Type(s): Ventriloquist.
  • Uploaded by: Daniel Jerico Dela Cruz.
  • Date: September 22, 2017.

There's an old addage that goes "The Beautiful Ones are not yet born", the talented voices shown in this video would make you think the "talented ones are not yet born too". Here are the Top 5 kid Singers that would surely be Superstars in Future. Watch it and tell us what you think.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Len Ken.
  • Date: October 9, 2017.

The auditions shown in this video are trully unforgettable, especially for the fact that the first singer made one of the toughest talent show Judges(Simon Cowell) to sing along. You'll surely enjoy this video because, it contains a compilation of the best of X Factor, Got Talent & The Voice from around the world, From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Sam Time.
  • Date: October 7, 2017.

Here are Top 20 of the most Amazing Voices in both the U.K. and U.S.A compiled together for your entertainment. This video features some Celebrities as the Judges in the talent show, such as Pharell Williams, Wil-i-am (of the Black Eyed Peas Group) and other popular Musicians.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Santiago Rodriguez.
  • Date: September 9, 2016.

This video is a compilation of the 10 most viewed America's Got Talent Auditions ever hosted. The first Singer's life story would touch your heart and when she sings, you might cry because, her voice is phenomenal, This is a must watch for people who are struggling with some form of terminal illness.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Top Talent.
  • Date: December 8, 2017.

Ever seen a Chicken play Piano Correctly?, No right?.. Me too, you will see it happen in this video. When you see the physical appearance of the Singers in this video, you will doubt if, they can really sing but, when they do sing, you would be touched. Here's a special compilation of the Top 5 Emotional Talent Performance in the America's got Talent 2017 featuring Singers, Performers, Magicians and Talent Judges like Simon Cowell and Tyra Banks.

Names of Performers in order of appearance:-

  • 1. Kechi
  • 2. Jokgu of the Flockstars
  • 3. Colin Cloud
  • 4. Will Tsai
  • 5. Nick Uhas
  • Talent Type(s): Voice, Magic & Tricks.
  • Uploaded by: Len Ken.
  • Date: June 10, 2017.

Ever seen a Comedian younger than thirteen years of age?. This video shows you the youngest Comedian ever to Audition in America's Got Talent. His name is Lincoln and guess what?, He's only 6 years old, You would laugh and nearly crack your ribs to his jokes.

  • Talent Type(s): Comedy.
  • Uploaded by: ASRAPG.
  • Date: November 26, 2017.

This video is a compilation of the performances of the Top 5 Comedians who participated in the Britain's Got Talent Show, which was hosted in U.K. Its arranged in descending order from the 5th to the 1st. If the first video does not make you laugh, you will crack your ribs by the 3rd one.

  • Talent Type(s): Comedy.
  • Uploaded by: Len Ken.
  • Date: February 6, 2017.

This is only the talent show performer that actually made Simon Cowell Cry and he's supposed to be the most tough Judge in Britain's Got Talent show. You might also cry watching this video.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Randy Meeks.
  • Date: August 22, 2017.

This video is a compilation of the Top 10 Best Auditions in Britain's Got Talent 2017. The talents shown in the video will surely amaze and amuse you alot, you would drop your Jaws in Aww when you see the 5th performance by DNA. Watch and Enjoy.

Performances by:

  • 1. Jonny Awsum
  • 2. Grace and Ali
  • 3. Issy Simpson
  • 4. Reuben Gray
  • 5. DNA
  • 6. Leah Barniville
  • 7. Ned Woodman
  • 8. Kyle Tomlinson
  • 9. Daliso Chaponda
  • 10. Tokio Myers
  • Talent Type(s): Voice, Comedy & Dance.
  • Uploaded by: Music Talent Now.
  • Date: June 18, 2017.

This is compilation of talented Performances in Britain's Got Talent 2017, the performers were so talented that they got the Golden Buzzers. It features Golden Buzzer auditions from the following talented people:

  • 1. Sarah Ikuma
  • 2. MerseyGirls (Just Us)
  • 3. Daliso Chaponda
  • 4. Matt Edwards
  • 5. Kyle Tomlinson.

Watch and Enjoy.

  • Talent Type(s): Choreography, Magic Tricks & Comedy.
  • Uploaded by: Got Talent Global.
  • Date: June 2, 2017.

The world is filled with lots of surprises especially with the number of people with different types of talents, Here are 8 of the most Unexpected performances ever in the Britain's Got Talent Show Hosted in U.K. You will find some excellent gymnasts, a good D.J, some great singers and a little girl who has very good sword skills. Watch and enjoy.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice, D.J, Gymnastics, Swords.
  • Uploaded by: Hunyango.
  • Date: April 6, 2017.

Here are the Top 7 Amazingly Talented Singers that Auditioned at the America's Got Talent 2017. The first Singer would surprise you because she's so young but, she a very talented singer, Her name is Angelica Hale.
Ever Seen a clown Sing?,
You will see one sing wonderfully well in this video. There are other Singers that would make your Jaws drop in this video.
The following People Auditioned in this video listed below in order of appearance:

  • 1. Angelica Hale - 00:00
  • 2. Puddles Pity Party - 02:42
  • 3. Christian Guardino - 05:26
  • 4. Darci Lynne - 09:57
  • 5. Johnny Manuel - 13:52
  • 6. Celine Tam - 16:41
  • 7. Mandy Harvey - 18:43
  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Music TalentNow.
  • Date: July 29, 2017.

This is a compilation of all the Auditions done by Celine Tam in America's Got Talent 2017. Celine Tam is a young girl of 9 years old, her parents are fans of Celine Dion, they named her Celine and her Sister was named Dion. Celine dreams of being in America's Got Talent, her favorite Artist is Celine Dion. Watch how wonderful she sings some of the songs of her favourite Musician in her Audition including the soundtrack of Titanic. At the end of the video, you will see how cute she drops her jaw in Aww, when the Judges press the Golden Buzz in honour her excellent singing talent. Watch and Enjoy.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Len Ken.
  • Date: September 26, 2017.

Seeing a Blind Man sing is quite normal but, Have you ever seen a Blind Man Sing and Play Guitar at the same time?
Yeah that's right, this video is a compilation of the best Blind Auditions till date, it feautures Auditions from 5 Talented Blind Men and Women on the Voice Talent Show.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Best Voice.
  • Date: March 31, 2017.

Here are 5 people who Auditioned in Britain's Got Talent that would surely make you laugh.
This video is guaranteed to make you laugh, the first comedian's audition was like a world record of how much you can make people laugh in 2 mins, Yeah 2 Minutes. The Best comedian in our opinion was the little boy who performed on a wheelchair, he's so funny, he even make Jokes with his disability.

  • Talent Type(s): Comedy & Mime.
  • Uploaded by: Music TalentNow.
  • Date: January 1, 2017.

First of all, Big Thanks to Anthony Ying for Uploading this video. There is 99.99% chance that everyone reading this knows Mr. Bean. For those that do not, He's a Comedian. Over the last 2 decades, He has made so many comedy videos where he rarely speaks a word but, you will surely laugh at his acts. Here's a young talented guy in his mid-thirties whose stage name is Tape Face. Simon Cowell says he's so silly, he will end up in movies like Mr. Bean. Let me not spoil the suspence of this video by telling you more about his acts Meanwhile, this video was is a compilation of all the auditions done by Tape Face in America's Got Talent 2016. Tape Face is so creative, he was always making something out of nothing throughout all the 5 auditions he did so, just watch this video and enjoy.

  • Talent Type(s): Comedy & Choreography.
  • Uploaded by: Downlock1.
  • Date: September 14, 2016.

This video shows 5 of the most Emotional Voice Talent Auditions ever hosted in U.S.A. When you hear the reason why people participate in this voice talent show, you would be touched but, when you hear their voices... I bet, You will shed tears of joy. Don't hoard it, this is a nice video to watch with your friends and family.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Len Ken.
  • Date: April 2, 2017.

There are so many talents in the world that are left undiscovered till now, thanks to the recent trend of Talent shows hosted Nationally such as the X-Factor hosted in U.K, On the Voice hosted in Africa and shown in this video. This video has that WOW factor, It's a short compilation of talent shows showcasing awesome voices of different ages and geographical background singing mostly songs by Rihanna, some from African Countries and others from European Countries. My favourite was the cute little Girl Singing, watch it and tell us yours in the comment box below.

  • Talent Type(s): Voice.
  • Uploaded by: Sam Time.
  • Date: October 10, 2017.

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