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 If you are new to Business or your business is not reaching its full potentials, you need to advertise online. If you are still unsure of what platform to advertise, Your best option is Google. Keep reading and you will find out why.

 Over 1 000 000 000 people search for products and services they need everyday through Google. Even Facebook, the No.1 Social Media platform in the world today advertises on Google to get more users. Advertising on Google would surely expose your business to millions if not, billions of prospective clients that are searching for what you offer

  You have probably used Google to search for something online and you clicked one of the Links on the 1st Search Results page. However, you might have noticed some Advertisement on the top part of the page labelled Ads, those are Pay-per-click Ads. Imagine the number of people that would see those Ads in a day now, imagine if, your business was advertised there. You will surely get a lot of enquiries from prospective customers if, you appear on the first page of Google Search Result.

Google Advertisement Example

 It is a known fact that Search Engine Optimization(S.E.O) can help to make your page appear on the 1st Search Engine Result page but, if you notice on the image above, Google Ads appear at the top before any site that was optimized for Search engine. This shows that advertising on Google beats having your site optimized for Search Engines because, you can choose the keywords or phrase and demographics too. You may read more about Demographics and get a little insight on Advertising Online in this article - "Before Advertising Online".

Do you know that Google owns a lot of popularly used Online Services like GMAIL, Youtube and Android? Advertising with Google gives you the option to advertise on any of the platform mentioned plus, Google Adsense program gives Google Advertisement customers the option to advertise with popular website and blogs around the world. For example, you can advertise on a particular blog in your location if, the blog is a registered member of Google Adsense. The best part of Google Advertisement is that; their is an Option for you to choose between Paying per Clicks or Paying per View. That is to say, they only charge you when your target audience clicks or views your advertisement, that way you will probably get some new customers before you use up your advertisement budget. Google Ads can help increase awareness for your brand and also, it gives you competitive advantage.

Who can Advertise on Google

Google Advertisement covers almost all area of life including business so, It does not matter, If you are looking for people to donate for a cause or you are looking for Website Traffic for your Blog or you are looking for customers for you E-commerce Website or you are looking to create awareness for your brand or you are a developer that want to promote your new Game or your a real estate agent looking for people to buy or rent your house and so on. Google has it all, from Video Advertising with Youtube, to Search Engine Advertising with Google Search and Android Apps to Advertising on related Blogs or website, Google has a wide range of platforms so, advertising with them would surely give you a good Return on your Investment(ROI) for Adverisement.

The Best way to Advertise on Google

Advertising on Google is so easy that you can do it yourself. However, in order to get good results from your Advertisement, it's advisable to contract a Digital Marketing Agency to set up your advertisement and Run it for you. You might be thinking, you will save a lot by doing it by yourself but actually, Google is always updating their Advertisement platforms and so, only experienced Google Advertisers can get it done well. Conversely, Google Advertisement pricing is Global regualated so, you will never get charged more than 30% of your Advertisement budget as set-up fee by any registered Google Adverisement Vendor. Moreover, creating a compelling Ad that will draw the attention of your target Audience is not an easy task. It takes a lot of experience and design skill to create a compelling Digital Advertisement Photo, Video or Animation.

If you are looking to Advertise on any Google owned platform but, you are still not sure how to go about it, Drop a comment below. Thank you.

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